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Plan FAQs

General Questions

Is the iDrinkResponsibly Plan available in all states?

No, but it will be as we complete the compliance process required in each state.

Is the iDrinkResponsibly Plan available throughout Texas?

Yes. We are working to locate the best providers in every area of the state so that we can get them on the provider network and have them ready to assist our members. From El Paso to Beaumont, we have you covered.

Is this an insurance plan?

No. iDrinkResponsibly is a legal plan offered by DeNovo Legal Solutions, LLC, a licensed and bonded legal service contract company in the State of Texas.

Is this plan legal?

Absolutely. DeNovo Legal Solutions, LLC, is licensed and permitted to sell legal plans in the State of Texas.

Does it look bad if I sign up for this and then get arrested?

No. The services offered through the iDrinkResponsibly plan are legal care for offenses that do not require an “intent” element. That is, it doesn’t matter if you “intended” to speed or “intended” to be intoxicated in public. The offense merely rests on the occurrence of the event, which means that your enrollment in a plan would be irrelevant in the proceeding.

What kind of attorney will I get for $19.95 per month?

DeNovo Legal Solutions, LLC, compensates its attorneys at a higher reimbursement rate than any other legal plan in the country for the services that the iDrinkResponsibly plan covers. We pay the best, so we expect the best from our providers. You can expect a top notch, professional, licensed Texas attorney with no less than ten years of experience. Each attorney that is accepted to the plan must go through a credentialing process to ensure that he or she is qualified to provide the type of legal care that our member need in the iDrinkResponsibly plan.

We also require each of our provider attorneys to carry sufficient errors and omissions (malpractice) insurance, be credentialed and re-credentialed yearly, demonstrate experience in the specific practice area in which they provide legal care, and to show that they have the high standards of care that we require in order to serve our members.

How do I locate an attorney?

By calling the toll-free number on your card and giving some basic information to our staff. At that point, a provider attorney will contact you within 24 hours and begin assisting you with your case.

Do I have to keep the attorney that contacts me?

No. We want you to have an attorney you are comfortable with. For that reason, if you are not satisfied with the attorney who initially contacts you, we will invesitage what qualifications you are looking for and seek to locate an attorney that better fits your needs.

iDrinkResponsibly Plan Questions

When I sign up, what happens next?

When you sign up, we will send you a confirmation email with a unique identifier number that becomes your member identification number. You will also receive a copy of your member policy, which outlines the terms of the benefit structure in the iDrinkResponsibly plan. Within thirty (30) days after your sign-up, you should receive a welcome packet containing your member card, a hard copy of your member policy, and a welcome letter with our contact information. If you do not receive any of the aforementioned items, please call the number listed at the header of this website.

How soon do my benefits become effective?

Your benefits become effective as of the moment you sign up. That means that if you sign up at noon and have a covered legal issue that night, your benefits are in full effect and you are covered. The iDrinkResponsibly plan only excludes events that occur before the time on the date that you sign up.

How long does my membership last?

Your membership lasts for twelve (12) months and automatically renews at the end of the twelve (12) month term.

Is anyone else covered under my iDrinkResponsibly plan?

Yes. If you are married, your spouse is automatically covered under the same benefits as you are at no additional cost.

What do I do if I want to cancel my iDrinkResponsibly membership?

If you want to cancel your membership, please call the toll free number on your membership card.

What is our “Why?”

Why would you create a legal plan that includes alcohol-related offenses?

We created the iDrinkResponsibly plan because the portion of the population of Texas that is the most likely be arrested for or charged with DWI (19-35 year olds) is, statistically speaking, the least likely to be able to afford to pay for a qualified attorney to defend their case. We believe that good people sometimes make bad decisions, but that those bad decisions should not necessarily be something that haunts them on their permanent record for the rest of their lives. We also believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and that every Texan is entitled to quality legal care in the defense of their case.

Why a legal plan? Why not just do this pro-bono?

Volunteer legal services are fine for that portion of Texans that qualify for free legal services, but the majority of the Texas population does not. Most of that portion of the population is also not capable of writing a blank check to an attorney for legal services. In short, it is made up of the everyday Texan - the people who are just trying to get along with their lives, and have not set aside thousands of dollars for a “just in case” legal problem. Texas Supreme Court Justice Nathan Hecht refers to this portion of the population as those within the “justice gap.” While much lip service has been given to trying to address the justice gap, little has been done to date by either the judiciary or the Texas Bar.

We created the iDrinkResponsibly legal plan in order to serve those Texans that may need access to legal care but neither qualify for pro-bono legal care nor can write a blank check to an attorney on the spot. We designed this plan for you, in order to help every Texan take advantage of quality, professional legal care provided by experienced, professional, and qualified attorneys. We are trying to change the way Texans access legal care, one legal plan at a time. The iDrinkResponsibly plan is just the beginning.

What do you do to prevent drinking and driving?

iDrinkResponsibly has partners with designated driver programs, provides information on driving alternatives, provides information on alcohol awareness and BAC calculation, and delivers newsletters warning our members against the dangers of alcohol use and the operation of a motor vehicle. We do not want anyone to drive when they are under the influence. We want everyone to have a good time, but we also want our members and the general population to be safe.

What else do you do?

iDrinkResponsibly is dedicated to the concept of giving back. We try to dedicate a portion of our plan proceeds (up to 10% of net revenue after creation of sufficient or state-mandated coverage reserves) to giving back to alcohol treatment and awareness programs in Texas. That means the more members we have, the more we can give back as a company. So sign up and feel confident that you have protected yourself while giving back to those who need help.

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