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At, we believe that quality legal care and access to experienced counsel should not be reserved to only the wealthiest Texans. Through our plan, you can have access to experienced, professional counsel who will defend you if you are charged with a covered offense. Be prepared, be responsible, and protect yourself - sign up today.

We also acknowledge several facts of life in Texas. First, some Texans enjoy a drink from time to time. Second, some Texans speed from time to time. Finally, sometimes very good people make mistakes and need access to legal care to resolve their problems. Being charged with an offense does not automatically make you guilty - that's for a judge or jury to determine. Having access to quality legal care and an attorney who will fight for your rights can make the difference between a proper defense and a record that will follow you for the rest of your life.

The legal care system in Texas is broken. It currently gives access to only those who can afford to write a blank check to their attorneys and those who are so poor that they qualify for volunteer legal services. The Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice referred to this problem as the "Justice Gap," and we are trying to close it.

We know that, unlike a large corporation, most Texans don't set aside thousands of dollars for a "just in case" legal issue, and most Texans certainly don't get the benefit of paying for those services with pre-tax dollars. For these reasons and many more, we designed iDrinkResponsibly, a legal plan that every Texan, from starving student to CEO, can easily afford and which covers the most common offenses in Texas.

How It Works?

$19.95 per month gets you and your spouse...
  • Misdemeanor and Felony DWI and BWI Defense Benefits
  • Public Intoxication Defense Benefits
  • Speeding Ticket and Class C Traffic Ticket Negotiation and Defense Benefits
  • Minor in Possession Defense Benefits
  • Minor DUI (no tolerance) Defense Benefits
  • If you are arrested for or charged with any of the above-listed offenses in Texas, you simply pay a reasonable deductible and a provider attorney will defend your case
As a plan member, you will have access to credentialed, qualified, licensed Texas provider attorneys who will fight for you. Save time, thousands of dollars, and protect yourself by planning ahead and being responsible - sign up in just minutes today! See plan policy for full details.

One Wrong Move is All it Takes...

A DWI Defense can:
  • cost you tens of thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees
  • be reported to your college and graduate schools
  • Affect your ability to get auto insurance
  • Result in your license being suspended
  • Cost you thousands in fines and surcharges
  • Require installation of an alcohol monitoring device in your car
  • Result in jail time

Education, Prevention, and Coverage

Plan Benefits Inlcude:
  • Educational materials and useful information on alcohol and recovery
  • Initial consultation with your attorney
  • Court appearances
  • Pretrial motions to defend your case
  • Bail services
  • Discounts with our Designated Driver Partners
  • Thousands of dollars in total legal defense coverage benefits
  • Peace of mind and financial security

Contact Us

Here at the, we know that just because you are charged with an offense, that does not make you automatically guilty. We also know that an innocent mistake does not mean that you are not entitled to a quality legal defense. Questions, comments, feedback, or just saying hi... we want to hear from you! Send us a note or give us a call and someone from our amazing staff will be in touch with you soon! We kindly thank you for taking the time to visit our site, and we look forward showing you how quality legal care can be simple, useful, and available at an amazingly low price! We are iDrinkResponsibly, and we are changing the way Texans access legal care

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